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The Take Away

The Take Away

In golf, the term "takeaway" refers to the initial part of the golf swing where the clubhead is moved away from the ball. It sets the tone for the entire swing and has a significant impact on the overall success of the shot. A proper takeaway helps establish a good swing path and clubface position, leading to better ball contact and accuracy.


Here are some key points to consider for a proper takeaway in a golf swing:


One-Piece Movement: Initiate the takeaway by moving the club, arms, and shoulders as one connected unit. This ensures a smooth and coordinated motion.


Clubhead Low and Slow: Keep the clubhead low to the ground during the initial phase of the takeaway, and take it back slowly. This helps maintain control and promotes a more gradual build-up of power.


Maintain Connection: Keep the arms close to the body and maintain a connection between the upper arms and chest. This connection helps create a more compact and controlled backswing.


Square Clubface: Check that the clubface remains square to the target line during the takeaway. This helps in setting up the correct clubface position for the rest of the swing.

Rotate Hips and Shoulders: Allow a subtle rotation of the hips and shoulders as you initiate the takeaway. This helps in building torque and sets the stage for a powerful downswing.


Weight Transfer: Begin a slight shift of weight to the right foot (for right-handed golfers) during the takeaway. This helps load the back leg for a more powerful downswing.


Remember, the key is to create a smooth and controlled takeaway that sets up the rest of the swing. Consistency in the takeaway contributes to improved swing mechanics and, ultimately, better golf shots. Working with a golf professional or instructor can provide personalized feedback to help you refine your takeaway for optimal performance.


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