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junior golf coaching programme

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National Schools Golf Programme


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National schools golf coaching programme
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AWGolf - Rising Stars Programme

AWGolf is offering your school an opportunity to take part in a comprehensive introduction to the game of golf

The programme aims to give a fun introduction to the game, from using modified equipment, games and activities, suitable to both indoor and outdoor use in a fun, safe manner to using full equipment with safe limited distance balls. The emphasis of the instruction is "simplicity" through a games based approach to ensure a fun pupil cantered learning environment.  The curriculum offers much more than a basic motor skills development and our range of strands allow focus on a number of areas including:

  • skills development - an introduction to the basic skills of the game including putting, chipping, pitching & full swing

  • Core life skills -  we will take a deeper look at important life skills like honesty integrity and respect and their role in life as well as the game of golf

  • physical intelligence -  emphasis on the development of fundamental movement skills

  • emotional intelligence - development of golf specific coping strategies that can be implemented in facing issues in everyday life

  • cognitive awareness -  using guided discovery tasks to face and overcome specific golf related tasks

  • cross curricular activities - incorporating age specific lesson plans that help target areas such as numeracy skills, spatial awareness, etc.

In a school environment, this offers the opportunity for the development of a curriculum that reflects the schools needs. With a background in education and as a PGA Golf Professional. Adrian is the ideal person to develop your own personalised school based programme.

Bring golf to your school for as little as €2 per child

The Programme

Our Coaches:  All our coaches are P.G.A. Professionals. As members of the golfers association our coaches have a minimum requirement of a degree in professional golf from the university of Birmingham. All our coaches have Garda Vetting, Public Liability, First Aid and Child Protection Certification.

Our Curriculum: Our curriculum has been specifically developed by the late P.G.A. Advanced Professional Liam Duggan and continued to be developed by P.G.A Professional Adrian Whitehead after 40 years experience as a golf professional and having introduced over 18,000 children to the game of golf in that time.

Equipment: AWGolf uses a range of golf equipment to help maximise the quality of learning. From cutting edge technology such as iPads to traditional golf clubs. We ensure that everything utilised is age appropriate and ensures a varied fun learning environment.

Progression: We believe that it is key to ensure that there is a structured pathway in place to allow all participants the opportunity to move in to the game of golf. In all areas we provide instruction we develop school club links so we can give everyone the opportunity to move on to the game of golf.

We presently offering the programme across Munster, for further details, contact us at or call t.+353 (0)89 4236575  [10:00am to 4pm]

The programme is built around four constants - the coach, the curriculum, equipment and progression:

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Structure & Costs

The programme can be carried in a number of ways, they are:

Preschool/after school programme

The activity would be run outside of school hours for children electing to participate either as a breakfast club or as an after schools programme. This can be run on site at the school or at a selected venue



€50 per child for a five week programme

Each weekly lesson last for 55 mins

P.E. curriculum based programme

This all inclusive approach allows each pupil to take part. In this instance all pupils/a cross section of classes in the school would undertake the programme as part of the P.E. curriculum

Cost:    €2 per child per session, from 160+ over a minimum of a five week programme 

€3 per child per session for 80 to 159 over a minimum of a five week programme 

Duration: Each lesson is time specific for each age group ranging from45 minutes up to one hour.

Just as each child is different, the needs of each school may differ. Each programme can be specifically designed with the needs of the pupils and school n mind. To discuss in more detail or for further information and to arrange booking details contact AWGolf at 087 9049433 or email us at Adrian Whitehead Golf

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