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Golf's, half swing

Golfer about to play a short shot

The position of the club head from the takeaway to halfway back in a golf swing is crucial for establishing a solid swing plane and setting up the rest of the swing for success. Here's a breakdown of the club head position during this phase:



  • The takeaway is the initial movement of the club away from the ball.

  • The club head should move back low to the ground, staying along the target line or slightly inside it.

  • At the takeaway, the club head should be roughly in line with the hands, or slightly outside the hands, depending on your swing style and preferences.

  • The club face should be square to slightly open at this point, depending on your swing style and desired shot shape.


Halfway Back:

  • Halfway back is typically considered when the club shaft is parallel to the ground in the backswing.

  • At this point, the club head should be roughly in line with the hands or slightly behind them, indicating a proper wrist hinge.

  • The club face should still be square to slightly open, maintaining control over the club face angle.

  • The club head should be traveling on the correct swing plane, which is established by the club head's path during the takeaway and the initial movement of the wrists.


The key considerations during this phase are maintaining a smooth takeaway, establishing a proper wrist hinge, and ensuring the club head is on the correct swing plane. This sets the foundation for the remainder of the backswing and ultimately impacts the quality and consistency of the golf shot. Practice and feedback from a golf instructor can help refine these movements and ensure they are executed correctly.


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