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Putting, Tempo.

As part of my Covid lockdown series, I've put together some articles and videos to help you with the understanding of the putting stroke. With help of video shorts and stories, I'm sure you'll be able to find something, to help accomplish a more consistent technique.

The first of these videos, below. Is, working on the "putting line".


A golf players putting stroke tempo is an ever-changing and developing entity, and can be a big obstacle for new golfers. The tempo of a player's swing enhances or diverts the distance the ball must carry, the speed the ball will travel at, and can affect the three points of a golf shot, including the line and breakpoint, which a player must consider before taking the shot.

Players can achieve a better swing tempo by controlling the shortening or lengthening of the swing, or, the speed at which the clubhead is used through the motion of the swing. The tempo of the swing can also be changed by the quality, texture, or surface of the green and its design features.

The green surface, swing speed, and swing length are key factors to be considered by every golfer, especially when visiting a new course where the greens are completely different from your home course. The one consistent feature in all of these variables is how much you control the tempo, regardless of whether the green is faster or slower than you are used to.

When working on your swing tempo, it is important to avoid the de-acceleration of the clubhead through the impact area; the consistent motion of the clubhead is vital for a good tempo. Relaxed hands and a steady posture can also help the tempo of the swing. Relaxed shoulders are vital in allowing the arms the freedom to swing back and forth.

If you’re able to control the length of the swing and adapt to the changeable green speeds, you'll start to develop a consistent tempo, which is then stored in your muscle memory.

Happy golfing!


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