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Introduction ~ Golf's Fundamentals

PGA Golf Professional Adrian Whitehead has put together a collection of small informational stories, to help, in making golf simpler.


Golf is one of the greatest sports available to all ages and genders. And is now widely available in most countries around the world. You get the chance to play through some of the most beautiful unspoilt country-side you could ever wish to see mixing it with fantastic wildlife and good old fashioned clean air.

Not only that, golf is a sport which allows you the time and freedom to play by yourself or with friends and colleagues.

It is also, one of the most difficult sole destroying, time consuming sports, your ever have the pleasure of playing. One minute your hitting the ball down the middle of the fairway. The next your rummaging around in trees, that some kind fellow, has left in your way.

Its a very physical sport that requires good coordination, balance and timing. All of which can be learnt, but you do need time. And time is commodity that seems to be in short supply in our modern day society….

(though time hasn’t changed, only us)

I’m not going to hide behind the fact that golf as a sport is hard. We have already assessed that you need time and coordination. You would also benefit with a little bit of flexibility, body and arm strength and a ability to concentrate over periods of time.

But golf is one of those sports which allows a complete beginner right through to an elite player. The same aspirations and goals no matter of their level.

During these informational stories. I hope to not only improve your swing, but also your physical fitness, diet and understanding about golf as a sport and game with all its challenges. I do not and will not sugar coat anything about this wonderful game but I do hope to make you understand just how you can improve your own skill level or even push you over the edge to get involved.

” We embrace pure ecstasy when the ball goes in the hole, and heart wrenching pain if it doesn’t”

Understanding how to play golf


Golf is one of the simplest sports I know, made difficult by over analysis and mis-understanding.

The Course

There are normally 18 holes on a golf course, though land restraints might change this. Each hole consists of three sections.

  1. The Beginning – known as the Tee box

  2. The middle – known as the Fairway

  3. The end – know as the Green. On the green you’ll find a cup/hole in which you should make your ball finish.

The idea is to hit the ball from the tee box into the cup/hole in the lowest score possible.

(And were so kind we even put a flag in the hole to tell you where the cup is)

What they neglect to tell you is. That the area between the Tee box and the Green changes length and can be anything from 100 yards or meters up to 550 yards or meters. And if the change in the length wasn’t enough, they also throw in a different assortment of difficulties. like, ponds, hills, trees just to make things more a bit more difficult in getting that ball into the hole.

The skill of course, is to try and avoid them.

Next article:

In my next article I will discuss The Grip and formation of the hands on the handle. With the context of preparing yourself for the next shot and hitting the ball