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Preparing for a round of golf

Setting yourself up for a decent round of golf begins from the first hole. Being ready for the first shot isn't as easy as getting your clubs out of the car, walking to the tee, stretching out your body for a few moments before trying to hit a perfect shot straight down the middle. This approach doesn't work on a consistent basis, especially as we get older.

We all know this but do you really give ourselves the best chance to prepare correctly?

The first holes on any course and how you play them, are the difference between you having a good, bad, or a great round. Start poorly and you're always playing catch up. So why not give yourself the best chance to prepare ahead of your game.

Warm up practice is an art in itself as each player reacts differently to it and requires a different amount of time in order to be fully ready. By arriving at the golf course in advance, taking time to relax, stretching, hitting a few balls through the complete range of clubs, and by practising your chipping and putting, you are setting yourself up for a strong start. This is especially important on a new course.

One of the questions I ask my clients is: Do you want to play golf for fun or do you want to try to par every hole as golf was designed? If you want to see results from your game and treat it like a sport, instead of playing a few holes 2, 3 or 4 times a week, consider putting your efforts into one or two complete rounds that includes a warm up and warm down. I guarantee you, your game will become so improved, you'll wonder why you never did it before. Give your game the time it needs and soon you will start to play the game you've always dreamt of.

In a recent survey from the PGA of America, they found that 2 hours was around the best amount of time a player can give themselves for warm up before commencing play. Whether you give that much time or not, some amount of time is better than nothing

In my next article, I’ll discuss the best way to position your thoughts when playing a course, setting your mind between a relaxing or a concentrated round of golf.

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