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The Set Up

The perfect golf stance

Creating a consistent setup in golf is crucial for achieving a solid and repeatable swing. Here are the key elements to consider when setting up for a golf shot:


  • Stand parallel to the target line. Your feet, knees, hips, and shoulders should all be aligned parallel to the target.

  • Use a club or an alignment stick on the ground to help ensure proper alignment.

Feet Position:

  • The width of your stance depends on the club you're using. Generally, wider for longer clubs (driver) and narrower for shorter clubs (wedges).

  • For a standard setup, the inside of your heels should be approximately shoulder-width apart.

Ball Position:

  • Ball position varies depending on the club. Generally, it's in the center of your stance for short irons and gradually moves forward as the clubs get longer.

  • With a driver, position the ball just inside your front heel.


  • Bend at your hips, not your waist, and keep your back straight.

  • Flex your knees slightly, and maintain a balanced position. Avoid excessive bending or standing too upright.


  • Hold the club with a neutral grip, with the "V" formed by your thumb and index finger pointing toward your back shoulder.

  • The grip pressure should be firm but not too tight, allowing for a fluid swing.

Clubface Alignment:

  • Ensure the clubface is square to the target at address. Check the leading edge of the clubface to the target line.

Weight Distribution:

  • Distribute your weight evenly between both feet.

  • With the driver, you might favor a slightly more weight on your back foot to help promote an upward strike on the ball.

Head Position:

  • Keep your head still and focused on the back of the ball throughout the swing.

  • Maintain a consistent eye level.

Practice Swings:

  • Take a few practice swings to feel the motion and get a sense of the proper setup.

  • Use these swings to check your alignment and overall comfort with the setup.


  • Develop a pre-shot routine that includes checking alignment, taking practice swings, and visualizing the shot.

  • Consistency in your routine helps create a mental and physical pattern.

Consistently practicing these elements in your setup will contribute to a more reliable and repeatable golf swing. It's a good idea to work with a golf professional to get personalized advice and feedback on your setup and swing.




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