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Short Game Practice for Golf

Chipping close to the green

Practicing your short game in golf is crucial for improving your overall performance on the course. The short game encompasses shots played from within 100 yards of the green, including pitches, chips, bunker shots, and putting. Here are some tips to enhance your short game:



  • Use different clubs for various situations. A 7 or 9 iron, pitching wedge, sand wedge, or a specialized wedge can be effective.

  • Practice controlling distance by varying the length of your backswing.

  • Focus on a consistent and smooth tempo for more accuracy.


  • Develop a consistent and repeatable pitching motion. This includes a controlled backswing and a smooth follow-through.

  • Experiment with different lofted wedges to find the right club for each pitch shot.

  • Pay attention to your setup, ensuring your weight is forward, and the ball is positioned appropriately in your stance.

Bunker Shots:

  • Practice the correct bunker shot technique, which involves opening the clubface, aiming slightly left, and using an explosion-type swing.

  • Work on controlling the distance by varying the length of your swing.

  • Spend time in the practice bunker to develop a feel for the sand and how the club interacts with it.


  • Focus on your putting setup, ensuring your eyes are over the ball, and your grip promotes a smooth stroke.

  • Develop a consistent pre-shot routine to build confidence and reduce tension.

  • Work on distance control by practicing long and short putts, and pay attention to your alignment.

Short Game Drills:

  • Create a variety of short game drills to simulate on-course situations.

  • Incorporate challenges such as landing the ball in specific target areas or hitting shots with different trajectories.

  • Practice with a purpose, setting specific goals for each session.

Pressure Situations:

  • Introduce pressure into your practice sessions by setting specific goals and consequences for not achieving them.

  • Simulate on-course situations, like getting up and down from tough lies or hitting clutch putts.

Consistent Practice:

  • Regularly dedicate time to your short game. Short, focused practice sessions are often more beneficial than infrequent, lengthy ones.

  • Incorporate short game practice into your overall practice routine rather than neglecting it.


Remember, improvement in the short game requires patience and consistent effort. Focusing on technique, experimenting with different clubs, and practicing under various conditions will help you become more proficient around the greens.


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