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7 ways new technology can help improve your game

Although golf is a sport with a long history, it is always moving with the times. This can be

seen in the materials used in the latest clubs and golf clothing. Golf's ability to remain

relevant can also be seen in the amount of technology which is used by players now. While

this might once have been used exclusively by top professionals, the best tech in golf is now

a common sight on all courses around the country.

This is not hard to understand when you think about how the best gadgets and devices can

help improve your own game. But which are the seven major ways new tech can help boost

your golfing performance?

1. Golf Launch Monitor

You may have heard of golf launch monitors before, with top models such as the GCQuad

from Foresight Sports being popular. These handy electronic devices are able to use radar tech to track the flight of your ball after you hit a shot. In addition, they also provide feedback on distance, angle of launch and shot location.

Easy to operate and affordable, they are used by many golfers to improve their game. But

how can they do this? The main ways are:

● Tell you for sure how far you hit your shots

● Give hard facts to make changes to your game from

● Helps you improve your short game by trying out various shots

● Gives feedback on your putting game to improve from

2. Smart golf cart

All keen golfers will be familiar with golf carts - they are nothing new after all. Smart golf

carts are a fresh piece of technology that more and more people are using on a round. They

essentially do the same job as a normal golf cart but with a handy twist. These carts come

with remote control functionality which delivers a totally hands-free approach to getting

around the fairways, thus leaving you with more energy to play well.

But how do these next-gen carts work exactly and what features do the best have? In simple

terms, they use innovative smart tech to enable golfers to operate them with remote control.

This is not only super convenient but also lots of fun too. Popular examples of smart golf

carts including the MGI Zip Navigator and Stewart Golf Q Follow also pack in useful features


● Anti-deviation tech to keep your smart caddy on the right track

● Speed controls

● Follow mode which allows the smart cart to follow the handset around automatically

● Auto downhill braking

3. Home golf simulator

This fabulous piece of golfing technology can be very helpful for improving your game. They

enable you to have a realistic round of golf in your home whenever you like and whenever

you are free. This gadget works by graphically modelling a golf course onto a big screen in

your home, which you can then stand in front of and practice your game. Good examples of

home golf simulators are those from Trackman and Foresight Sports.

But just how do they make it possible to get better at golf? There are actually a few reasons

for this and the chance they give to practice all aspects of your game more regularly is key.

Whilst getting out onto a real golf course can also do this, home simulators simply give you

much more opportunity to practice each week.

18 holes on a simulator, for example, is much quicker to complete than 18 holes in real life -

and you do not have to waste time traveling to the course or finding playing partners! This

means keen golfers can fit more rounds in on a home golf simulator each week and get lots

more practice in.

Home golf simulators also give useful feedback to players after every shot which they can

use to improve. This type of quality, detailed feedback is not something you can get from

playing a round with friends in real life. These innovative simulators also allow you to play on

a variety of courses (including some of the most famous in golf) which can introduce you to

new challenges or allow you to learn new techniques.

4. GPS golf watches

Technology in golf is something more players are using to improve their game now and GPS

golf watches show why. This special type of watch is a golf navigational system which fits

onto your wrist and provides effective guidance around course mapping/shot distances. As a

result, using one can really help you with shot selection, club selection, yardage control and

just whereabouts you are on the course.

Popular examples of GPS golf watches include those from top manufacturers like Shot

Scope and Garmin. In addition to the handy features they have to help your game improve,

these watches are also very stylish and come in a range of colours and designs.

The best models come with high-res screens to make reading the data on them easy and

value for money prices. In addition, they are simple to operate and often come with

touchscreen controls. If you decide to go for the higher-end golf GPS watches, you can even

find features like health data, auto-tracking of shots and smartwatch notifications.

5. Golf Range Finder

Distance is key in the sport of golf and being able to accurately assess the distance to flags,

fairways and hazards is crucial. Tech-heavy golf range finders can help greatly here and

eliminate the need to merely guess at distances. This in turn means you can make better

club selections and hit better shots.

The VPR0500 golf range finder is a great example of this piece of golfing tech and shows

just why it is so useful. This unit for instance can measure up to 540 yards with a one-yard

precision boundary. Lightweight and easy to carry around, their multi-layered lenses offer

clear, precise views. It is also rainproof and so ideal if it starts drizzling when you are out on

the course.

This golf range finder is just one example of what this technology offers to golfers and the

kind of features it delivers. If you are looking to improve your game, using this piece of kit is

a great choice.

6. Voice Caddie

An exciting new innovation in terms of golf GPS range finders is voice caddies. These offer

pretty much the same functionality as standard GPS range finders but with one cool twist -

they speak to you, rather than showing information on a screen. Voice caddies actually

come with no screen to look at and instead tell you all you need to know verbally. As with

normal range finders though, they are superb at providing accurate distance information to

help improve your game.

This golf gadget can be great for people who do not like fiddling with buttons on a traditional

GPS range finder or who just want another option when it comes to working out distances as

they play. It is also a great option for those who like being on the cutting edge of the sport.

Models like the Voice Caddie VC300se are not only lightweight but also sleek looking and

compact enough to clip onto your bag or belt. The battery life on these units tends to be

good and they are very simple to operate.

7. Golf Ball Finder

Even the top pros can sometimes have trouble with shots that sometimes go awry and lead

to lost balls. If this is something you wish to avoid in your own game, a golf ball finder is

worth considering. The Prazza golf ball finder is a superb example of this piece of awesome

golfing tech and helps players to locate a connected Prazza golf ball in mere seconds.

This not only eliminates penalty shots from lost balls but also means you waste less time on

the course searching for balls. In addition, it makes the process of finding balls in thick grass

much less frustrating.

Many golfers also love this tech because it can save money on buying new balls to replace

lost ones. The really great thing about this gadget is that it's not only compact to carry

around but also comes with an effective range of up to 100 meters. It's also easy to operate

via the handset screen and uses clear graphics/sound to locate your lost ball.

Tech can help - but golf lessons are better

There is no doubt that the seven pieces of golfing technology listed above are great tools to

use when improving your own game. It is also true to say though that nothing can quite

replicate the bespoke, detailed feedback taking a lesson can deliver.

If you are looking for golf lessons from a qualified PGA golf performance coach with

over 40 years of experience, contact us today via the form on the footer of our website, or book today


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