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NEW Golf Pride Reverse Taper

Reverse Taper is a new technology – intended to stabilise both hands during the putting stroke for a squarer putter face at impact – regardless of the golfer’s gripping style.

Through player testing and the gathering of consumer insights, Golf Pride has discovered that a common cause of players struggling with the putting stroke is more often than not, an overactive lower hand.

Reverse Taper technology helps a player to smooth out the overactive tendencies of the lower hand, ultimately allowing each hand to perform at its optimal level and enhancing performance on the greens.


  • A slim upper hand section

  • A gradually wider lower hand section to create the 'Reverse Taper'

  • Soft feel and enhanced tacky texture with dimple pattern for added traction

The first of the Golf Pride Stroke Enhancement Collection, the Reverse Taper putters are available in three shape profiles - Pistol, Round and Flat. Each profile is available in Medium and Large sizes.  

In stock and available to order & fitting Just call 089 268 8585

Cost's 39.95 per grip fitted. Member 37.50