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The Grip, routine 2

In my last article, we looked at the formation of the grip, its importance to the swing, and how to prepare the grip as part of your pre-shot routine. As I previously mentioned, it is very hard to obtain a perfect grip if your routine is continuously changing. In this piece, we’ll look at having an alternative routine that helps you to create a more natural position on the handle and alleviates any negative thought process. This alternative routine has the player start with a spontaneous series of movements that require the visualization of nothing other than the shot itself.

Remember your grip routine should always start away from the ball. Keep the ball, target line, and flag all in front of you”


With this routine, the golfer sets the grip up whilst maintaining a natural hand position. As you can see in fig 1, the golfer’s hands are turned to a 45-degree angle. The club is not placed on the ground as the grip is maintained in a neutral hand position while the golfer stands up-right.




Firstly, place your right hand at the bottom of the grip before placing the handle into the correct part of your left hand whilst maintaining a natural hand, thumb, and club head position.

Secondly, retain the 45-degree angle and place the right hand on the club placing the handle more to the fingers as shown in fig’s 2. Ensure that the thumb of the left hand is then housed under the cleft of the right as in fig’s 3; bring the right hand up and over covering the left thumb on the other hand.

“If I’m able to see the thumb on your left hand then something is wrong”

Again, the position of the handle is paramount, as in fig’s 2 and 3 you can see the correct position of the handle, and how the golfer sees this from above while keeping the club head in a neutral position.

Housing the right

Setting right hand Left hand thumb under cleft

Correct handle position

Incorrect handle position

Right Hand

Retaining the 45-degree angle, place the right hand on the club and move the handle more to the fingers. Ensure that the thumb of the left hand is then housed under the cleft of the right bringing the right hand up and over covering the left thumb on the other hand

Now that both hands are connected and you’ve chosen your link with your fingers, turn your hands and arms to a 90-degree angle, aligning them with your body.

This routine does take some time to master, but with a little thought and practice, it will soon become second nature.

“As a coach if I’m able to see the thumb on your left hand after the grip has been set. SOMETHINGS WRONG”

Grip Pressure

To form the correct pressure alignment on the club, imagine squeezing a tube of tooth paste, one in each hand, creating a pincer movement between the thumb and the forth finger. Be careful though, as if this overdone, particularly in the right hand-you’ll have a choking of the club. The best results for grip pressure can only be achieved if both hands are correctly sited on the handle. Both hands must work together and grip pressure must be equal between the two hands. Sometimes when practicing the grip, lightly squeeze a little more the middle two fingers on your right hand and the last three fingers on your left, then release the pressure after a while. If your hands hurt after playing or practicing then there’s a good chance your over gripping and you need to relax them, but not at the expense of loosening the grip.

The Club Head

Correct: Square



Correct: Square



Its imperative that when the golfer is setting there grip, they maintain a good neutral club head position, keeping square or straight behind the ball.

Serves 4 as a side dish | Prep time 15 minutes | Cooking time 10 minutes

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