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About Healthy Golfing

A healthy golf swing, generally makes a healthy game and a happy player. But as we physically change through-out life, so does our swing are game and physical approach. The secret is to keep our ever changing game, evolving, with our ever changing flexability, strength and time available to us

Healthy Golfing Personal Program

Taking the information we've learnt from our consultation session, the next step is to make it work. The Personal Programme is based on a 12 month period, whereby time is given to developing a golf swing with a constructed program, made for each individual.

As with all sports, fitness and diet run parallel with the sport itself. During this period help will be given towards working on conditioning, diet and the strengthening required to complete 18 golf holes without pain and stiffness.

The equipment also plays a major role in a player's life. And though there is no evidence that equipment becomes sub-standard throughout its life span. We seem intent on always changing our equipment.

Throughout the programme, I will highlight the need if required to customising your equipment to suit you, adapting the clubs to you the players' needs

Image by Savannah Lakes Village

The Healthy Golf Workshop

Throughout the year special events are held for groups to get involved with the consultancy programme over a three/four day period.

Each individual will receive as well a group session. Individual time and consultation about their whole game. Looking at their swing, fitness, equipment, and course management.

Each of these group sessions will be open to four persons on day's Tuesday/Thursday or Thursday/Saturday with dates throughout the year being arranged.

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