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Consultation Service


Consultation Service

A simple service offering you the golfer the chance to fully understand their game and where it is at any given time and moment.

The consultation session, is designed for helping  golfers, fully understand all the facets of their game,

and becoming a more rounded & consistent player.

Each sessions will contain the major points of:

  • swing analysis,

  • fitness and flexibility 

  • shot ratio - flight pattern - distance & direction control

  • equipment analysis

Aiming to help each individual understand the current makeup of their game.

​Then back this up with a year-on program that will help you in all aspects of your game, achieving the best results through guided practice, with specially priced packages of either 5, 8, or 10 lessons.

The consultation session lasts for around 90 minutes, costing €60pp. With this special offer, each golfer will also receive and free membership package with AWGolf and all the benefits that come with the membership package.

Consultation Session

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Special offer Lesson Packages

A great way to understand your game

Consultation Session, designed for players to understand their swing shape, what they need to achieve and if there equipment suits them.

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